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Date Registered: 29 October 2006
Title: Member
Gender: Female
Location / Country / Region:United States
Interests:Studying God's word, helping others come to Christ, Woodburning, Arts and Crafts, Playing bass guitar, dobro and writing gospel songs.
Biography:I a a 55 year old retired minister who was saved at the age of twenty but eventually strayed away from God but came back after many long hard years of struggling and repented of my sins, started living for God and eventually was ordained as a minister and started a prison ministry which I enjoyed very much and received great blessings from, but my health is declining very rapidly from heart disease and now a lung disease so had to retire from my prison ministry although I still do write to inmates and strive to continue God's calling that way. God never promised our path would be easy but He did promise that He would always be there with us, so we must continue on as Jesus did until the very end.
Do you now believe in Jesus? Please show your answer in the block provided, either "yes" or "will try" (without the quotes).:Yes I do believe in Jesus. He is the way the truth and the light. No one comes unto the Father except through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
If you're a believer already, please mention your denomination or church, one or more, or simply show "Christian" (without the quotes). If you're not sure you believe in Jesus, but will try as you pray, please leave this blank.:Pentecostal,
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