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Location / Country / Region:Kitigoma-Kampala Uganda
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Biography:Hello Praise God and I greet you in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ, my name is Samuel Richard Sembuya. I serve God’s people through his Word. I give information on how to take steps with God and succeed in every area of your life. God loves us dearly and He wishes that we may prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. I have a passion to communicate God’s love and fellowship to people so that they will enjoy God and succeed in life and that includes you in Jesus ‘Mighty Name Amen. About me: I was born in Nakyesanja Village,Buikwe District Uganda East Africa on 22/08/1974.Am born in a family of five children and am the second born and all my siblings refused to go for Education and I persisted by God’s grace so I was the hope of the family and had my degree from National University of Rwanda, Butare and graduated with B.BA in Business Management. I gave my life to Jesus in 1997 while in my home land of Birth after spending most of my life in the Local Bars as a drunkard, drug addiction, Womanizing where God saved me by His grace to escape AIDS/HIV. My parents could be in tears day in and day out because of the way I was over taken by Alcohol and drugs ,they thought I would be of help in the family but I had become a disappointment to them hence tried many ways and solutions but in vain and what they did is to dedicated everything to the Lord for his compassion and tender mercies. Because of Drugs and Alcohol ,I used to sell out my Blood as a donation but for a payment, where I could visit Hospitals to sell to Patients Blood who could be in need I did this for quite a long time almost for 3 years in Masaka Rakai to the AIDS/HIV Research Institute. However, I got connected to some preachers who preached to me but failed to convince me in joining a new life of Jesus Christ but thank God that they kept on coming to me from time to time not until one day the Spirit of the Lord spoke within me softly, calling my name “Samuel 5 times in an interval of 3mins”if am to remember it was after mid-night on Friday. For sure the next day I was very low and started thinking about the grace and love of the Lord he has for me I was convicted of my sins and my heart started confessing and after a time I gave my life to Jesus .The above challenges in life made me to run deeper into the Lord and He revealed his awesome love to me. These challenges came to destroy me but God used them to make me what I am today. I am strong in the Lord, though still growing. No challenge can make me fear or doubt God’s love for me or His ability to deliver me. I can face tomorrow because He lives and He is ever there for me. I love God and I love people because of God. After some times like 1 year in Salvation ,I joined Friends of Christ Church in Kamwokya-Kampala suburb of Pastor Kasilye Chris who loved me spiritually and physically sat me down to grow. I lived with him for 2 years and after I got a job far from the Church hence had to live and stay at work as a teacher of Computer and Accounting at “O”Level Education and was in service for 3years while at work I started fellowshipping with Living Fountain Ministries Mutungo of Pastor Moses Dembe Nandege who now put me in service of prayers, Intercessor and Church programmer on Sundays and served for 4years. In 2007 I left for Thailand as a Teacher in some subjects at Rachaburikanuok School Thailand (EP)A”Level Education up to 2013 in the connection I was made a minister in Redeemed Church Bangkok-Thailand not until the Spirit of the Lord started speaking to me in a special way to start a ministry in Thailand. All the time a Word of Hebrews 12:24 could come to me in dreams and one time I was in for a dry-fasting of 7days when I saw a vision of Noah telling me that, your Ministry is New Covenant and that my capital to start is the voice of God. It has not been easy for sure but I trust God that I will make it to serve his people. More Challenges raised whereby I lost my youthful wife whom I was staying with in Thailand who left me with 4 children and I do thank God for his provision in all corners and am strong in the Lord and have the testimony to tell people because this made me to grow stronger in my trust in the Lord. Victory belongs to Jesus. Currently am back in my home land Country Uganda and started a ministry called “New Covenant Community church Africa-Kitigoma( NCCCA ) and thank God that I got another lovely and supportive wife and both of us are doing the work of the Lord, serving his people and reaching out to unsaved people and My wife is such a person who loves Children so she serves in the children’s ministry. I have learned that walking with God makes all the difference. Taking steps with God makes you a conqueror indeed. When challenges come, they will not overcome you because God will be with you and brings you out as a victor, not a victim. The good news is that God wants to teach us how to live a victorious life if only we will follow Him. The world has her own wisdom but God’s wisdom supersedes it. Praise God! I have a desire to share with you what I know and experience so that you will enjoy God’s love and fellowship and be successful in life. From the call as New Covenant (Hebrews 12:24) I developed to New Covenant Community Church Africa. My Proposal: Is that, am yearning to build up, share the life experience, love and out outreach missions with your ministry at all level by the grace of God. I pray for the grace of the Lord upon you and everyone there. Regards in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Samuel Richard Sembuya Tel:+256758080887 Skype:+256758080887
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