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Date Registered: 29 January 2006
Title: New Member
Gender: Female
Location / Country / Region:Ontario, Canada
Occupation:Servant of Christ
Interests:Prayer; reading Christian books; ministry; travel with husband; friends; Watercolour painting.
Biography:Born in England, living in Canada for 32yrs; married 36yrs; 1 grown son. Just visited Holy Land. Worship "Yeshua Mashiyach" (Jesus Messiah) Burdened to pray for Christian Unity - bonded together under His "Banner of Love".
Do you now believe in Jesus? Please show your answer in the block provided, either "yes" or "will try" (without the quotes).:YES
If you're a believer already, please mention your denomination or church, one or more, or simply show "Christian" (without the quotes). If you're not sure you believe in Jesus, but will try as you pray, please leave this blank.:Evangelical 20yrs; Catholic 5yrs; also attend Anglican Church with husband.
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