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Spiritual Christian Unity

Worldwide Prayer Group


 "Praying for Christian unity 

in love and holiness together in Jesus"


If you'd like to have your link show up on this Prayer Group website, linking from here to the Christian, non-commercial website of your choice, please join as a Member and show that link in your Signature information on your Member profile.  Your link will show up here on every post you make.  For more information on links shown in Signatures for Members, please see our FAQS For Visitors.

If you'd like to show a link on your own website, linking back to this Prayer Group website, so you can show your support for Christian unity in love and holiness together in Jesus, there are two ways you can do it.

The first option to link to us is to display on your website this "Content Island" shown here:



The Content Island is a java script that shows the title of the latest prayer for Christian unity posted on the Prayer Group, with a link back to that prayer on our website.  The Content Island is 364 px wd, with height varying slightly depending on length of the prayer title showing at the time a visitor comes to your website page. To use it on your website, simply cut and paste the java code into the place on the page of your website where you want it to appear.  The code for this can be copied at this link, Latest Prayer for CU Content Island Java Code.

We may make other such Content Islands available in the future based on other Prayer Group content, such as prayers for any personal healing, etc., if there is interest in doing so.

The second option to link to us is to display on your website this 364x107 px Banner Ad .gif with link, shown here, which you can simply copy from this web page and paste into your own website page where you want it to appear:


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