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Announcements for Members
Keep up with the latest Member news here, provided by Site Administrators on behalf of the entire Prayer Group.
FAQS for Members
After registration, please find help here in the answers to Frequently Asked Questions Members want to know.
Members' Discussion Forum
Members freely discuss as the Spirit leads. Any topic is fine here, if it's purpose is to build up the body of Christ, and we keep our unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Commentary on subjects from the prayers posted in the various prayer forums can be interesting, as are Bible quotes in which we might all find agreement. It's always a good starting point to share together in those parts of the word of God in which all believers already hold a common understanding.
Members' Essays Forum
Our believing Members post here their own essays, teachings, devotionals, or just about any other Christian writings about the subject of our spiritual unity together in Jesus.
Members' Drafts Forum
This forum is where our believing Members can help construct the website itself, by writing drafts of healing prayers for others to use. Please help others learn to pray here for healing, if the Spirit leads you to do so. In this forum, our Members compose their own suggestion for a Starter Prayer, and show it here for consideration by the entire Prayer Group, before it goes public in the forum for "Prayers for any Personal Healing Miracle", to be effectively offered by us all, on behalf of the entire Prayer Group, for use by others.
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