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in love and holiness together in Jesus"

Guidelines to help people who are not sure believers yet pray here for healing
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The general public, whether Christian or not, is cordially invited to post prayers here in this category, side by side, along with all Christians, as long as you are willing to promise to at least *try* to believe in Jesus to start with, and to take our suggestions on how to help us Christians believe with you, that God will answer your prayer. That includes promising here to try to later learn even more about Jesus from other Christians and from the Bible, after God grants what you pray for here.

The reason is simple: we believe God wants you, and all people, to believe in His Son, Jesus, for your own good, not for ours, in both this life and the next. We sincerely believe God wants to greatly bless you in your life and to show you, in knowing Jesus, how much God truly loves you. So, if you can promise in your own prayer here to God, to try to do these things we ask of you regarding belief in Jesus, we will pray with you and we'll be able to help believe for you to receive from God that for which you pray.

You don't have to fully believe in Jesus, yourself yet, but you must be willing to at least try to believe in Him. You also have to be willing to agree, in advance, that when God gives you the miraculous help you pray here for, that you will then know that God did it for you, and that you will be thankful to God for answering your prayer.

In addition to trying to believe in Jesus, and being thankful to God when He gives you the miracle you pray for here, we ask that you also be willing to promise that when God grants what you pray for, that you will then seek to know Him better through other Christians and through learning about God in the Bible.

It is not our intention to teach you all about God, here, but only to help you get started believing in Jesus. Once you first, truly, begin to know the love of God in Jesus, you will still need to then begin to learn even more about God in the Bible, and you need to find a Christian church, a Christian friend who will lead you to other Christians, or a Christian faith group of some kind, where Christians will help you learn, and where you can grow and develop spiritually in the knowledge of God in Jesus.

We won't tell you here what kind of Christian faith group to join when God grants your healing. And we don't need to know which church you plan to choose, so please don't mention it in your prayer here where we hear it. Our prayers for you are based on Jesus, to help you find Him, not any specific group of us Christians. We trust God to lead you to the Christian group in which God wants you to worship Him.

To help you help us Christians believe and pray together with you for you to receive from God what you pray here for, our prayer group members have written some "Starter Prayers" for people willing to start for the first time to try to believe in Jesus, and we put them in the Prayer Forum for Healing Miracles, for you to use. Please view the Starter Prayers there and choose one that suits you. This will give you an idea on how to pray for your healing while mentioning something about unity in holiness and love in Jesus.

We've left part of the Starter Prayers incomplete. This is where you fill in the prayer for healing in your own words, for a healing for yourself, or for anyone personally dear to you, and say whatever you'd like God or the rest of us to know.

If you prefer, you can start your whole prayer all over from scratch, and put it all in your own words. Either way, don't worry about giving us all the details; God already knows them. Full names are not necessary if you want to leave them out.

If it's an emergency, don't worry about time; our God is beyond time. There may be a slight delay while we review your post before it shows up in the prayer forum, but rest assured that we will begin to pray as soon as we see it, and that God saw it before you ever thought to post it. God *wants* to do this healing for you, and He will arrange the time to fit the need.

Above all, don't worry about your unbelief; God knows the thoughts of your heart, and He loves you right where you are, with all your faults, whether that includes unbelief or sin of any kind. God just wants you to give His Son, Jesus, a try. His love for you is still far beyond what you probably imagine now.

The part of the Starter Prayers that we wrote for you is just to show you how the guidelines for prayer might apply to you, especially with regard to your vows regarding Jesus. You can use this pre-written part as is, or please feel free to modify the words we wrote in any way that suits you. There is nothing magic in the specific words we use, which are only offered as a suggestion, so that you can see what is possible for vows to help us believe for you.

It is absolutely essential here that you pray the meaning that comes from your own heart, since God knows what you truly believe in your heart. Whatever you pray, think about what you mean, being true to your own heart as you pray it. Read these vows very carefully, and make sure you are sincerely willing to try to keep these vows to God before you promise.

A few important rules to remember:

Do not put in your post any request for donations, or calls, or letters from us to the person needing healing. No solicitations for money or gifts of any kind will be allowed. We offer to pray with you in faith for God to answer your prayer with what only He can do. Our members will post our prayers of agreement right here on our website. You can request automatic notification of when those prayers are posted, if you like, and you can give a copy of them to anyone you want.

Do not vow to make any donation to this website, or to any Prayer Group member, or to any ministry you see represented here. Our God is not a vending machine, where you put in money and get what you pray for. God doesn't need your money, or anything you can do for Him. He loves you, and *wants* to do your healing for you so you can begin to see how much His love for you really is. If you want to make a monetary gift to God, take it to whichever local Christian church or Christian faith group you decide to join when God grants your prayer. You may add any other vow that you like to your prayer, but we're not suggesting you do so. We have clearly shown you the vows we suggest here at this website.

Lord Jesus, we pray that all should believe on you and come to repentance, so that we, your believers, be united as you and the Father are united. Amen

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This post is made jointly by both SCUWPG Site Administrators, Bro. Mario Attard, OFM Cap, and Tim Warlick, on behalf of the entire Prayer Group.

"Lord Jesus, we pray that we, your believers, be united as you and the Father are united. In every prayer here for unity and healing, in all we do and say, may the Lord's will in, with and through Jesus Christ be done. AMEN"

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