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How does a Member show their "Signature" on posts here?
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Near the end of your "Registration" or "Profile" page is a blank to fill in your "Signature", which is a block of information that can automatically show up every time you post here. Your Signature may not actually show up in your posts until after you have established your membership for some period of time, in order to prevent abuse by newly registered members. If you are not able to fill in the blank for your Signature when you first register, it will become available to fill in later, a few days after your membership is approved.

Whenever your Signature becomes available to you to fill in, we encourage you to use this because it shows the diversity of members here to see posts from so many different Christians. After your membership is approved, you will see on all the forum pages a link to your own "Profile" page. You do this by clicking on "Go/MySpace/Profile". This Profile page shows the public information you entered during registration. You can change most of your Profile, or add additional info, any time you like, starting a few days after you first register.

We want you to feel free to use your "Signature" area to show who you are in Christ as you see fit. Include anything you may want people to think of every time you post. For instance, if you are a layperson, or regular member of a Christian church or group, you may want to state you membership there, if you like, and you might want to list any church service functions you may provide there. As a lay person, you are in good company here, because lay people are among those who helped originate this website. Also, we love to see the wide diversity of Christian denominations, non-denominations, and other Christian groups represented here, as may be shown in the variety of Signatures shown on posts.

If you're a member of the clergy, a priest, pastor, minister, or in any other Christian leadership position at all, in any Christian denomination, non-denomination, local congregation, etc., we'd appreciate very much if you'd please list your full title or position in the "Signature" blank, and that of your Christian church, Christian group or organization, or ministry. This is a good way of showing that you are not ashamed to stand together, shoulder to shoulder with us all, as among equals in the family of Christ, and to be openly identified here in spiritual oneness in association with any, and all, other believers in Christ, from all walks of life, high and low.

Likewise, if you have any other Christian help or ministry, such as an Internet website for Christian ministry, please, by all means, include reference to it here in your "Signature" section. If you like, you may show one, and only one, URL in your "Signature" area. You can put all your other links on that one webpage to which you link. This URL address will show as a link in every post you make. The one, allowable URL address that you show in your Signature can be a personal homepage, a church, a ministry, or the webpage of any Christian faith group you like.

If you do add a URL to your Signature, be sure to show it in standard, "www" URL format, such as "", (without the quotation marks). This way it will show up as a clickable link in your Signature.

However the URL shown in your signature must meet certain conditions:
There must not be any commercial advertisement whatsoever, and nothing for which you get paid for click-throughs, on the one page to which your Signature URL address links.

There must not be any appeal for donations or money for any reason on the one page to which your Signature URL address links.

There must be a primarily non-commercial, Christian theme and overall purpose to the other pages on the entire website to which your Signature URL address links. Your non-commercial, personal or family homepage website is fine, as long as you're Christian and include no objectionable content.

The rigidly enforced restriction we place throughout this website is that there must be absolutely no commercial interest involved whatsoever, whether Christian operated or not. No SPAM, in any form, will be tolerated at all in your signature, or any other part of posts here.

The above referenced "Signature" section is optional, and as such, can always be added or modified later in your personal profile to say just what you want it to say. Whether during registration, or a few days after your membership is approved, whenever this Signature feature becomes available to you, we cordially invite you to please use this easy way to help us all get to know one another better.

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This post is made jointly by both SCUWPG Site Administrators, Bro. Mario Attard, OFM Cap, and Tim Warlick, on behalf of the entire Prayer Group.

"Lord Jesus, we pray that we, your believers, be united as you and the Father are united. In every prayer here for unity and healing, in all we do and say, may the Lord's will in, with and through Jesus Christ be done. AMEN"
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